Nomisma Healthcare is one of the world’s leading specialty polymers manufacturer and supplier companies. Serving customers in consumer and industrial markets. The keen, passionate, well-knowledge staff is committed to providing practical, innovative, and elegant solutions to customers in more than 100 countries/regions to meet the complex requirements of various polymers’ grades. We are enthusiastic to learn and implement the growing technology to enhance the process potentials of our customers by providing the choice of product/s of important requirement, without affecting the natural resources which in turn maintain the quality life of human beings. Through the knowledge and applicability – our people, products, and services to the customers across the globe – Nomisma healthcare continues to expand its services with renewable and sustainable solutions.

A key feature of Nomisma healthcare’s bioresorbable polymers is that they contain no detectable residual solvents, reducing concern over potential effects due to solvent/s. Additionally, all bioresorbable polymers meet typical drug and device regulatory thresholds for tin metal levels, established by health authorities, with significantly lower levels than regulatory requirements.

Manufacturing and supplying of PLGA (Poly(lactide-co-glycolide), PLA (Polylactide), and PEG-PLGA Block polymers are our main Portfolio.