PLGA 85:15 | DLG 85-12E | Resorbable Bone Fixation System

PLGA 85:15 | LG 85-12E | is Ester terminated Medical Grade copolymer of  L-lactide and Glycolide in an 85:15 molar ratio and with an inherent viscosity midpoint of 1.2 dl/g. DLG75-9E is primarily used for Resorbable Bone Fixation System and is suitable for all commonly used Resorbable Implants.


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CAS Number26780-50-7
Systematic Name1, 4-Dioxane-2, 5-dione-1-DL-3, 6-dimethyl-1, 4-dioxane-2, 5-dione copolymer, Glycolide – lactide copolymer, Glycolide-L-lactide copolymer, Glycolide-L-lactide polymer, Lactide – glycolide copolymer, Lactomer, Poly(l-lactide-co-glycolide), Poly(glycolide – lactide), Poly(glycolide-co-lactide), Polyglactin
Molecular Formula((C3H4O2)m x (C2H2O2)n
EPA Registry NameThe polylactic acid-polyglycolic acid copolymer
Former CAS Number(s):107760-14-5, 119652-89-0, 1255770-56-9, 130953-65-0, 31213-75-9, 339986-68-4
Substance TypePLGA 85:15 | Inherent Viscosity: 1.1-1.4 dl/g | Ester terminated | Lactide : Glycolide 85:15
Biodegradable Polymer, Resorbable Polymer,
ApplicationsResorbable Bone Fixation System

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Lactide by NMR

Glycolide by NMR

Viscosity (1% in CHCl3)

Residual monomer DL-Lactide

Residual monomer Glycolide

Residual solvent acetone

Residual solvent toluene

Total Residual solvent

Acid number

Heavy metal


Sulphated Ash



Bacterial Endotoxins

Self life

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