PLLA | L10012A | Injectable Poly-l-lactic Acid

PLLA | L10012A is an acid terminated Pharma / Medical Grade homopolymer of L-lactide with an inherent viscosity midpoint of 1.0 dl/g. It is supplied in the form of white micronized powder. L10012A is primarily used for Drug delivery formulations, Drug-eluting stents, ACL Scrow, and bio-stimulatory dermal filler.


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CAS Number26100-51-6
Systematic NamePoly(2-hydroxy propionic acid), Polylactic acid, Poly lactide, Poly L lactide, Injectable Poly-l-lactic Acid, Ultra-Pure PLLA.
Molecular Formula((C3H4O2)n
EPA Registry NamePolylactic acid
Former CAS Number(s):1104201-86-6, 31587-11-8, 1148011-07-7, 947236-64-8, 1384255-85-9
Substance TypePLA | L10012A | Inherent Viscosity : 0.90 - 1.20 dL/g | Acid terminated |L- Lactide 100% | Mw 100-140 kDa Biodegradable Polymer, Excipient, Non-Active pharmaceutical ingredient, Nanoparticles.
SynonymPLA, Poly(L-lactide) acid terminated, PLLA
ApplicationsDrug delivery formulations, Drug-eluting stents, ACL Scrow, bio-stimulatory dermal filler.

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Viscosity (0.5% in CHCl3 at 30°C)

Residual monomer L-Lactide

Residual solvent acetone

Residual solvent toluene

Total Residual solvent

Acid number

Heavy metal


Particle size

Sulphated Ash



Bacterial Endotoxins

Self life

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